Notes on Ronny Anderson

“Notes on Ronny Anderson” appeared in eye~rhyme: Journal of Experimental Literature, No. 5, 2003.


When he got out of the Navy, he came back to Vermont with an old primer-red Camaro and an affected Southern accent. Although I was in Enosburg at the time, I didn’t see him. I asked my best friend about him, but I didn’t try to see him. My friend’s answer to my question was, “Nothing. Staying with his parents. He’s got people after him. He was a loan  shark in the Navy.”

From my brother, I heard that Ronny drove his old Camaro up and down the streets of Enosburg all day long. When he downshifted by the high school in the afternoon, the boys sitting on the corner called his car dead and him a queer. He was dating a fourteen-year-old Paquette.

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