Norman Archambault Meets His New Neighbor

“Norman Archambault Meets His New Neighbor” appears in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, October 2016.


Norman Archambault had just started across the north pasture, a block of salt tucked under each arm, when he heard it again.  For the third time in as many days, the sound of a lone man hammering carried on the September breeze.  The hammering sounded as though it were coming from the old Snyder place, which had recently been bought by a couple who taught at the college across the river.  Distorted by the distance between the two farms, the sound reached Norman as intermittent blows, as though the man hammering were not entirely sure of his purpose.

2 thoughts on “Norman Archambault Meets His New Neighbor

  1. Hi, Liz, good story. Seems like the character Norman was both confirmed with he suspected of his new neighbor but also a bit surprised and unsure what to make of him. Ultimately, better to leave well enough alone.

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