The Mouse That Scored



I simply can’t resist sharing this tour de force of a personal essay. It’s a perfect synthesis of literary analysis and political commentary. And the prose? Masterful! What a way to start a Monday morning–

the AGNI blog

by Megan Marshall

Desperate for distraction in the wake of Trump’s election, I fell back on an old habit, reading children’s books at a rate unmatched since I was a grade-schooler. In those far-off days, my family was headed by an unemployed manic-depressive. My father also drank too much, but he wasn’t mean, only unpredictable and out of touch with the grim reality of our negligible finances, or convinced they didn’t matter in his case. He’d taken me with him once when he visited the downtown office of the gas company to which we must have owed a mint; he chatted up the receptionist, who responded to his charms and accepted his check for a fraction of the bill. The check may have bounced, but the heat stayed on. Back home, I kept reading.

With Hillary’s loss, I was too disheartened to resort to my old favorites, Little Women,

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