Where the Story Wants to Go

I've been reading former Poet Laureate Donald Hall's Essays after Eighty, in which he contemplates what the writing life is like for someone whose world has become circumscribed by the physical infirmities of old age, as well by the loss of his primary genre: Poems are image-bursts from brain-depths, words flavored by buttery long vowels. … Continue reading Where the Story Wants to Go

Why Should the Devil Get All the Good Tunes?

Do you ever stumble across a poem that makes you want to want to run into a crowd of people, holding it aloft and shouting, "You've got to read this poem!"? This is one that did it for me. (I hope I'm not violating any copyright by posting it here, but I received it in … Continue reading Why Should the Devil Get All the Good Tunes?

Short Story Acceptance!

I am very excited to report that I've just had a short story accepted for publication in an upcoming issue of Evening Street Review, published by Evening Street Press: https://eveningstreetpress.com/publications/. "A Little Madness in the Spring" is one of four stories inspired by some of the people I met in the year I stayed with … Continue reading Short Story Acceptance!