Emerging from the Slush: 10 Tips for Writers

Here’s another useful post from The Tahoma Review!

Tahoma Literary Review

By Robert Kerbeck

When I proposed my panel for AWP 2017, Emerging from the Slush: How to Get Your Short Story Published, I didn’t think it would be accepted. I haven’t published a book. I don’t have an MFA, let alone an agent, though I have had a dozen or so stories published over the course of the last year. Also past conference panels focused on the craft of writing, not the often mundane business of submission.

Imagine my surprise when AWP accepted my idea.

Arriving in D.C. last month, the first thing I did was check out the conference room to which we’d been assigned. It was huge, practically the length of a football field. Our panel was at 9 a.m., not the best time slot since many writers were up late the night before, reconnecting with old friends. I hoped we’d have more than twenty people.

The crowd…

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