Another of My Favorite Words

Several months ago, I allowed myself little verbal self-indulgence by writing about a few of my favorite words. As summer was ending, I encountered another of my old friends on a beach in Kittery, Maine: detritus. "Detritus" has one meaning for me: seaweed left on the beach by the outgoing tide. Just conjuring the word … Continue reading Another of My Favorite Words

Poems for Troubled Times: “The City Burns”

The City Burns Ann van Wijgerden Author's Note: This was an intense 'overlapping' of sensation and thoughts; I literally had a split second sense of being swept away. The background: Firstly, being impressed by the acting skills of Andrew Scott and his portrayal of Professor Moriarty in the 'Sherlock' TV series. Then, being distressed and … Continue reading Poems for Troubled Times: “The City Burns”