Publication in One Sentence Poems!

I am very pleased to have my poem, “Walking with My Mother,” published in the April 3, 2018 edition of One Sentence Poems. 

This poem did not start out as a one-sentence poem. Come to think of it, I’ve never set out to write a one-sentence poem.  I just wanted to capture the feeling of a particular experience on a particular day.

I wrote what I thought was the beginning of the poem. The first stanza came to me fully formed. But after that first stanza, no additional lines were forthcoming. Every time I went to work on the poem, nothing.

After countless rereadings, the light finally dawned. No other lines were forthcoming because four lines were enough to capture that experience of walking with my mother. I’m gratified that One Sentence Poems thought so, too.

12 thoughts on “Publication in One Sentence Poems!

  1. Thank you for teaching us about one sentence poems. As her pen strokes the paper, Elizabeth beckons us to join her and her mother along the path of family.

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