27 thoughts on “A Deceptively Simple Poem . . .

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! And thanks for posting the link. I watched all of the videos and enjoyed them very much. I thought the first one was particularly well-done. There is one line in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” that is quintessentially Vermont to me: “His house is in the village, though.” When I was growing up in Enosburg Falls, we referred to it as “the village.”

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          1. How wonderfully articulated. We live our best lives in a place that brings friends and family together. My childhood home was located in a mining town in Northern Canada – where everything was near. It is now a ghost town since the mine closed – our house is no more, but I have marvelous memories of the music, stories, gatherings. In winters, sunrise was 10:00 and sunset 2:30. In summers, we had almost 24 hours light. There was an unforgettable twilight in summer and a spectacular showing of northern lights.

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                  1. Yes, you would need to be farther north. I lived north of 56th – some nights, the whole world was alight. My husband lived in the Northwest Territories before I met him – he recalls the same experience. NWT and Nunavut are on my “to visit” list.

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  1. I’ve never been to either Vermont or New Hampshire (well, make that ALL of America 😉) but thanks to such wonderful poets like Frost, whom I adore, I’ve always had the feeling I know at least some of their beauty. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem, Liz!

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