Publication: “On First Hearing Odetta”

A few weeks ago, I was driving to work listening to Accuradio. I had the folk music channel going, just cruising along with the bucka-pucka banjos, nasal harmonies, and protest songs of various eras, when I heard this voice. The voice was singing "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands." The song had been … Continue reading Publication: “On First Hearing Odetta”

#BookReview: intermodulations

I was first introduced to Steve Carter's poetry at a reading and open mic sponsored by A Freethinker's Corner, a new independent bookstore in Dover, New Hampshire. (Support your local independent bookstore!) He prefaced the reading of each poem by informing us of precisely how many times it had been rejected before finding its way … Continue reading #BookReview: intermodulations

A Glimpse into My Former Life

Prompts (for High School Teachers Who Write Poetry) by Dante Di Stefano Write about walking into the building as a new teacher. Write yourself hopeful. Write a row of empty desks. Write the face of a student you’ve almost forgotten; he’s worn a Derek Jeter jersey all year. Do not conjecture about the adults he … Continue reading A Glimpse into My Former Life