#BookReview: Devolution

Blurb Michael Dolan is a stoic perfectionist and former special operations pilot working a staff job at the Pentagon when he is approached by the CIA with an improbable request, to help prevent impending terrorist attacks in Europe. As his deep-cover role in OPERATION EXCISE evolves, Dolan finds that of all the demons he must … Continue reading #BookReview: Devolution

“Winter-Lull” by D.H. Lawrence

"Winter-Lull" I subscribe to Poem-a-Day, an email service from the Academy of American Poets that provides a very wide selection of contemporary and classic poems. This one by D.H. Lawrence caught my attention because it captures a sense of foreboding that the silence of snow can convey. Based on when the poem was published, I … Continue reading “Winter-Lull” by D.H. Lawrence