Spotlight #Haiku – ‘Morning Song’ – A collaborative poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Another poetry first for me! I’d never written haiku, and I’d never written a poem in collaboration with another poet–but when Goff extended the suggestion, I said, sure, I’ll give it a go! I’m very glad that I did. The inspiration photo is of a pond in the woods across the street from my house in New Hampshire.

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Heaven blue-winged bright
Silence drifting meanders
Unseen spring feeds clear water

Red-winged blackbird trills
Hushed air stirs water ripples
Autumn whisp’ring glows

Poem Attribution Verse 1 Lines 1&2 © Goff James

Poem Attribution Verse 1 Line 3 © Liz Gauffreau

Poem Attribution Verses 2 Lines 1&2 © Liz Gauffreau

Poem Attribution Verses 2 Line 3 © Goff James

Image Attribution © Liz Gauffreau, 2020

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All rights reserved

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91 thoughts on “Spotlight #Haiku – ‘Morning Song’ – A collaborative poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

          1. Oh yes, Liz, the New Jersey Turnpike is awful! There are fewer factories spouting smoke near it compared to years ago, but it’s still mostly ugly and crowded. The Garden State Parkway is much nicer as New Jersey superhighways go. 🙂

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  1. I love the quiet movement, the near silence broken only by the bird trills. I know this sacred moment in nature, a meditation which turns our thoughts Heaven-ward and to our hoped for immortality.

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  2. Very nice. And that would be an exciting challenge. I have never been a huge poetry fan, but in later years, I have come to appreciate a lot of poetry for its often intricate nuances. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. This is a marvelous collaboration! There is a synergistic energy that comes through the words. I am so excited for you – a wonderful exploration. Looking forward to more of your dynamic duo outflow.

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  4. How fun, Liz. The contributions from the two of you fit together seamlessly. And the haiku are beautiful… as is the prompt. What a fun collaboration! Well done. Keep up the poetry. You have a talent for it. 🙂

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  5. Wonderful! When we did our drive the other day, I forgot to mention that a bald eagle nearly hit our car as we were driving. I wonder what a haiku about that one would be like. I’ll have to give that a try. Cheers!

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      1. I’ve seen other collaboration projects done this way, Liz. I think it’s wonderful. When I was working, I enjoyed the collaboration in a planning meeting rather than making an announcement of my plan.

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