Spotlight Haiku – ‘Pentre Ifan’ – A collaborative poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Another poetic collaboration with Goff James! I hope you enjoy it.

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Pentre Ifan a poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Poem Attribution © Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Image Attribution © Goff James, 2020

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77 thoughts on “Spotlight Haiku – ‘Pentre Ifan’ – A collaborative poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

  1. Atmospheric Liz, thank you.

    Some years ago, I slept one night ‘neath bright starlight, under the whispering capstone of Pentre Ifan.

    ‘Ancient tales traced in shadows’ – indeed, they have much to tell 😉


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  2. This is full of wonder! I love the cloud-bruised sky; the movement of the sun from dawn through mid-morning and its soothing shadows; the sun’s heat being released by the stones and their storing of history, ancient, lichen-covered; time suspended, then interrupted, by the unique song of a skylark, and its bringing us back to the beginning, the sky. That bird is perfect for this poem. I love the creative economy of haiku. Exquisite!

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  3. I swear, you’re going to make a haiku fan of me yet, Liz. I stopped enjoying poetry years ago, but you’re making me wonder why. Thanks for reintroducing me to its economical beauty and truth.

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      1. Liz, I think it was because I went through a long literal phase and felt I wasn’t smart enough to truly understand the figurative language of poetry.

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