#Poetry Publication: “At Summer’s End”

I’m delighted to share that my poem, “At Summer’s End,” has been published in the June 2020 edition of North of Oxford: “At Summer’s End.”

The poem was inspired by a late summer day at Fort Foster on the coast of Kittery, Maine. My eye was caught by a bank of beach roses that didn’t look right to me. They were the wrong shape, the wrong size, and the wrong color. The following images represent how the poem unfolded.

Fort Foster, 2017
Hannaford Cove Road, c. 1960s
Great-Great Aunt Etta & Liz, August 1957
Etta Reading to Nephew Fred & Niece Velma, c. 1905
Hannaford Cove Road Cottage, c. 1970s
Kay at the Cottage, Summer 1957
Etta, c. 1950
Lunch at the Economy Point Homestead, c. 1918
Etta on the Right with Her Sisters Elizabeth, Jane & Annie, c. 1900
Economy Point, 2017
Winter in Economy, Nova Scotia, 1930s
Water off Economy Point

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