Shortnin’ Bread Meander

Today's blog post began back in May, with a comment I made in response to Robbie Cheadle's recipe for corn bread on her blog, "Robbie's Inspiration": #Flashfiction - Extra Nutrition.  I commented that my favorite corn bread is made in a cast-iron skillet, and she suggested that I share it. Naturally, I agreed. However, I … Continue reading Shortnin’ Bread Meander

Spotlight Haiku – ‘Twilight’ – A collaborative poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Here is my second haiku collaboration with Goff James. The inspiration photo was taken by my husband from our front door.

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Poem Attribution © Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Image Attribution © Liz Gauffreau, 2020

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