Publication: “Leaving the Farm” (Failed Novel Redux)

Picking the Bones I have written two failed novels. The first one I didn't finish; the second one I did. Three years ago, I wrote a blog post about it: "Failed Novel, Anyone?" As I noted in that post, the whole of the novel was less than the sum of its parts, the parts being … Continue reading Publication: “Leaving the Farm” (Failed Novel Redux)

Blog Tour: Liars & Thieves by D. Wallace Peach

I am very pleased to host my first-ever blog tour post for a fellow author's book launch! If you're a fan of finely-crafted fantasy novels with intriguing characters, richly-drawn settings, and compelling storylines, I encourage you to check out D. Wallace Peach's Liars and Thieves, the first book in her new Unraveling the Veil series. … Continue reading Blog Tour: Liars & Thieves by D. Wallace Peach