The Hobby Horse I Ride (Billy Collins, too!)

When I was in graduate school, there were two types of people in the English Department: Lit People and Writing People. The Lit People breathed the rarefied air of theory, while the Writing People were pretty much viewed as the idiot savants of the department: Awww, isn't that sweet. You wrote a lit-tle po-em. Bless … Continue reading The Hobby Horse I Ride (Billy Collins, too!)

#BookReview: Sacred Mounds

Jim Metzner’s historical fantasy Sacred Mounds opens with a man who has lost time and gained a tattoo on the palm of his hand. Meet Salvador Samuels, a middle-aged man of no particular distinction, except for being the “only Jew on the planet answering to this name.” But don’t call him Salvador; call him Lewis. … Continue reading #BookReview: Sacred Mounds

A Poem for Election Day

When I ran across this poem a couple of months ago, it reminded me of the intercessory prayer my dad would say during Sunday services for leaders in government. I thought it would be appropriate to post for Election Day in the United States. I've turned off comments, as I expect this week to be … Continue reading A Poem for Election Day