Telling Sonny

I am very pleased to share this five-star review of my debut novel Telling Sonny on Bonnie Reads and Writes. Bonnie is a prolific reader and reviewer with a very wide range. I’d encourage you to check out her site. You’re bound to find a book that will appeal!

Bonnie Reads and Writes

Faby Gauthier lives in a small town in Vermont in the 1920’s. She is bored with small town living and fascinated by Vaudeville and the showbiz life. When she meets Slim White, a dancer in a traveling Vaudeville show, she quickly gets pregnant and caught up in a marriage that happens before she knows it. We follow Faby on the Vaudeville circuit, travel with her on uncomfortable train trips, and stay with her in cheap hotels as we learn about the less glamorous side of showbiz.

This is a beautifully written novel by Elizabeth Gaffreau that starts in small-town Vermont and takes us all over the Vaudeville circuit in the Eastern United States in the 1920’s. We learn a lot about Vaudeville life, sacrifice, and the loss of innocence. We are shown through Faby’s sister the life she could have had. We are also reminded of the priceless gift of…

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150 thoughts on “Telling Sonny

  1. A great review for your book. I went back this morning and read your introductory chapters of Telling Sonny on Amazon. I can see how Faby can become an endearing character in your Novel. Well done!

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