Telling Sonny by Elizabeth Gauffreau: A Review

I am delighted to share this wonderful review of Telling Sonny by Charles French! It’s such good motivation to keep on writing.

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telling sonny

Telling Sonny by Elizabeth Gauffreau is a poignant, bittersweet, and powerful novel of love, loss, and an exploration of both New England and the vaudeville circuit in the first half of the 20th Century. She shows the reader a world that few have known personally and of which few are aware, and she draws the reader into that world seemingly effortlessly.

Gauffreau skillfully tells the story of Faby Gauthier and her life in Vermont both during and after she met, was seduced, and married a dancer named Slim White on stage and Louis Kittell in his real life. Sonny is a selfish man who uses his sophistication to take Faby’s virginity and impregnate her. At this time, for a girl with a child on the way, this was a difficult situation. Gauffreau handles the story beautifully. It is neither overly sentimental nor it is maudlin. Gauffreau weaves her story…

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102 thoughts on “Telling Sonny by Elizabeth Gauffreau: A Review

  1. Guess what I’m reading right now? I just passed the halfway mark last night. I’m going to bypass Charles’s review because one of my idiosyncrasies is not to be influenced by the comments of others. Great read so far, Liz!

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  2. With your writing ability, Liz, I’m happy for anything that motivates you to keep at it. We’re all the richer for your work. Well-deserved kudos!

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  3. Two of my favorite bloggers! Congratulations Liz. So well deserved. I haven’t been seeing your posts in my reader, and I know people are getting unfollowed also. The gremlins are at work!

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    1. Thank you, Cindy. A number of people have contacted WordPress about the unfollowing. According to the response I received, it’s a bug, but not a high-priority bug. Grrr.


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