WordPress Gremlin Update

Here is the latest from the WordPress “Happiness Engineers” on the unsubscribe gremlins:

So, I see the issue you’re facing and it is actually still ongoing – and with a team who are working on getting that fix deployed.
I know this isn’t probably the news you’d like to hear, but it is on our radar and I can tell you that’s set at a high priority.

102 thoughts on “WordPress Gremlin Update

  1. Hahaha! I’ve learned to reconsider their ineptitude, imperfection and infallibility as a good thing. The near reverence previously held for these tech gods was becoming too similar to the same for the medical technocracy. Done and over with.

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    1. Thanks, Robbie. Before this, I’d gotten good assistance from them prior to this problem. What a previous response said was that the problem isn’t on my end with my account. It’s a programming bug that is affecting multiple people.

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      1. When I was having troubler last week. I know there must be some major glitch going on, because usually the happiness person can either answer my questions right away or pretty soon after. This time I had a long wait and was told they were working on things….haven’t heard back since!

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  2. Progress!!! It has gone from low to high priority, in the long list on never-to-be-prioritized tasks! WP caps n’s. For example, I couldn’t get data on many of the oldest blogs I follow, to remove the no longer active ones, because WP doesn’t display all the blogs you follow, if it goes over a certain number. I follow about 1800 blogs. So when WP says, click to “see” and “manage blogs you follow,” this is misleading as you will only see a certain number, that is not disclosed. It seemed about 500 to me. I had to export my followed list into an external download to see a cramped list of all the blogs I was following in order to remove expired old ones by cut and paste. I suspect there is some sort of similar cap on the number of blogs that will display in your reader, explaining why some blogs don’t show up there. I have lost blogging friends because of this. I pay for a business plan in hopes of allowing me more data, but it doesn’t seem to work. People are still being automatically unfollowed from my blog. I notice when they refollow.

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    1. According to previous “Happiness Engineers,” this automatic unfollowing is a programming bug. It seems they either can’t fix it or won’t fix it. I had to resubscribe to the blogs I’d been dropped from, screenshot and print out the entire list. Then once a week I go through the manage blogs page and compare it to my printout to see which blogs got dropped so I can resubscribe. I’m on the premium plan.


  3. When I asked the Happy Engineers about my WP problem, they said it was the designer’s problem. I asked them to talk to the designer but never heard from them. Another problem I had, they gave me the same answer as they gave you. Sorry, Liz.

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    1. I think part of the problem is that WordPress has us over a barrel, and they know it. We’ve invested too much time and effort into writing content and gaining followers to risk losing it all by switching to another platform.

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