104 thoughts on “#Booktrailer: Grief Songs: Poems of Love & Remembrance

  1. I look forward to reading “Grief Songs,” and I have preordered this book, Liz.
    A beautiful trailer, music, photos where I feel and expect this book will not make me feel sad, yet bring me joy in the special gift of humanity and life. ❤️

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  2. With this beautiful and moving trailer now visible, I am more glad than ever that you have returned to full-time writing, Liz! You can say so much with an economy of words and leave me longing for more. Can’t wait for the book!

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  3. Very impressive, Liz! Did you make the trailer? I especially like how the music was so in synch with the images. The photo of the gravestones was a powerful closing shot.

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  4. Stunning, Liz. If the trailer brings tears to my eyes (and it did), I can hardly wait to read the book. With a box of tissue nearby. We’re so fortunate that you share your exceptional work with us.

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  5. Liz, that was powerful. I watched it twice. What a terrific trailer to promote your book of poems! The gravestones at the end made quite a statement. Thank you for posting this.

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      1. Dear Liz, it’s amazing. I will be looking forward to its release in September. I am reading another collection of tanka verses at the moment and should soon be writing about it. Makes me all the more curious about your poetry. Best wishes.

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  6. Such a beautiful and moving trailer, my dear Liz.
    [I’m so very late here but though I have ‘followed’ your site over and over again, I didn’t get notifications. I tried again now and it seems it worked. WP and its glitches.]

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    1. Thank you for sticking with me, Marina. I really appreciate it! There is an unsubscribe gremlin running rampant in WordPress for several months, and the “Happiness Engineers” have not been able to fix it. I’m so glad you liked the trailer.

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