Call & Response: “The Deepest Sense”

On the Road to Sheldon Springs: August 13, 2021

Once a month since January, my husband and I have been making the trip four hours north to Sheldon Springs, Vermont for me to take inspiration photographs for the novel I’m working on.

I was pleased with how this latest set turned out, and I filed them away, not thinking too much more about them.

Then, a week later, I read a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon, and—in an instant—he told me what the landscape of these photographs actually means to me:

The palpable stillness is warm and virginal,
this is the very center I have long searched,
a landscape that describes my very being,
penetrates my deepest sense of self-yearning.
from “The Deepest Sense” by Paul Vincent Cannon

I wrote this post as a call-and-response to Paul’s. Please visit his blog, parallax, to read “The Deepest Sense.”

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