Some News, A Challenge, Book Launch & Signing

Three Generations

Some News

My debut poetry collection, Grief Songs: Poems of Love & Remembrance, launches on Sunday, September 26th, in honor of National Family Day. The local book signing will be held in Peterborough, New Hampshire on Saturday. (I’ll confess to some trepidation about COVID, but I’m fully vaccinated, and masks are mandatory for everyone regardless of vaccination status.)

My big news is that my daughter will be flying in from San Diego tonight to spend a week with us and help me at the signing. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen her in person!

The Challenge

This photograph of my little brother and me sitting on our father’s lap was taken shortly before The Kingston Trio released their song “M.T.A.” in 1959. The challenge for my mother related to this photo was to try to convince me that I didn’t need to wear my pink dress with the green sash (my Sunday best) because the photo would be in black-and-white. Guess who got her way?

Throughout my childhood and adolescence, my dad would sing the chorus of “M.T.A.” whenever bureaucratic governmental absurdity reared its head. When I sought out the song recently to listen to it in its entirety, I discovered a significant logical flaw in the story it tells. Can you tell me what it is?

September 26th Book Launch:
In Honor of National Family Day

Book Signing

168 thoughts on “Some News, A Challenge, Book Launch & Signing

  1. … if he never returned… how did his wife hand him a sandwich through the window everyday?? 😂
    Congratulations and Best of Luck with your book launch! And Enjoy your time with your daughter 💕

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  2. Congratulations, Liz! I’m can imagine being a bit anxious about being in a crowd, even masked. How lovely your daughter will be with you!

    I didn’t know the song. I looked up the lyrics, and I suppose if he never returned, you wouldn’t know his story. . .but perhaps his ghost (that his wife feeds?), talks to people? 😀

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    1. I was madly texting my daughter this morning. Have you left yet? Have you left yet? She’s in the air as we speak!

      I think the song was pretty much a Boston thing. My dad got his degree at Northeastern University, so he was very familiar with the vagaries of the Massachusetts Transit Authority.

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  3. Liz, wishing you a fabulous book signing time and with so many precautions try to forget the crazy world and enjoy CHATTING ABOUT and SELLING your book! It is even more special with your daughter present! My mother came to one of my book events and it was great to have her there, she became popular in her own right and helped refill the table with books for me to sign! I’ll be sending good luck vibes on Sunday! PS. l love the photos, very precious and of course, you would win the dress discussion!!

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  4. It’s such an exciting time, Liz! The new release of your book, book signing, and having your daughter with you. How precious. Is your book on pre-order? Are you having any book launch blog tour going on? I would love to review your book and have a book launch post for you. Please let me know how to get your book! Have a wonderful time with your daughter. Congratulations!

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    1. Hi, Miriam. I have an informal blog tour happening with a few of our buddies kindly offering to feature the book on their blogs. I would love for the book to be featured on your blog. Thank you so much for the offer. The book is on preorder now for release on Saturday. There is a link to the Amazon listing in the sidebar to your right. (Click on the book cover.)

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      1. I pre-ordered the book, Liz. My trip to my granddaughter’s birthday is 9/24-9/28. I would like to do the blog tour on 10/4 or 10/5.
        Do you want to use the reviews on Amazon as the blurb? I got the author’s info from Amazon and Twitter, Facebook media, and I’ll include my review. Please send me any info you want me to include. Congratulations again, Liz.

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  5. Congratulations, Liz and all the success you truly deserve for launching your book efforts in the world of poetry. I will be tempting fate again this Fall with my 18th poetry collection, completed as of yesterday. Bonne chance, chère ami, as in Good Luck, my friend, in the US of A !

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  6. Sorry I won’t be able to attend your book signing. Having your daughter there will be special. Best wishes on the book. Why didn’t Charlie’s wife place a nickel in the sandwich bag? Maybe she was happy to have him on the train.

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  7. Congratulations, Liz, it’s so exciting. I am delighted for you that your daughter is so interested in your launch. My mom is my number 1 fan with my writing. Wishing you the very best. I will post my review to Amazon as soon as I receive my pre-ordered copy.

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  8. The whole song is silly, but very catchy! Probably lots of logical flaws, but I’m not sure of some facts I need to know. How much fare was, how much it increased, if that is for one way or round trip, etc.
    congrats on everything! Book, party, daughter…. Such a cute pic. You must be exactly my age.

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  9. What a joyous time for you, Liz. Enjoy every moment of what you’ve worked for and what you’ve been gifted. Thanks for sharing the good news with us.

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      1. We drove up to Ashland, Oregon today as our son’s football team (he’s a coach) is playing here tomorrow. The team is staying at the same hotel so it’s funny to walk around and hear, “Hey, Coach Springer.” I’m looking forward to having a beer with him after he finishes his team meetings tonight.

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  10. I am so pleased that you will be getting together with your daughter – especially for the book signing. Whilst I did like the Kingston trio I couldn’t really make out the words on this one – and perhaps don’t know enough to get it anyway.

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  11. I’m so pleased for you, Liz! Have a wonderful time with your daughter and enjoy the book signing. It’s good you have her as back up, especially if she’s the chatty type. I’ll be thinking of you at the weekend 🙂

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  12. Well, I’m much too late to be the first to spot the flaw, but I did know that his wife could hand him the fare as easily as a sandwich!

    Congratulations on your book launch. How nice that your daughter will be visiting. I’m sure the signing will go well.

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  13. Congratulations! Wish I was close so I could come!
    The flaw…if they could toss him his lunch, why couldn’t they
    toss him the money to get off the MTA?
    We love that song also. My husband sang it when we were first
    married and I so enjoy it!

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