Who Is That Distinguished Dog?

The dean’s dog is a distinguished dog.

Why, Mr. Johnson, of course!

I am very excited to share that my Siberian Husky, Robert Johnson, will be appearing in artist Sue Clancy’s upcoming book Professional Dogs.

Sue is one of my very favorite bloggers.Β  I love her artwork, her creative process, and her generosity of spirit, which comes through in everything she does. She has recently begun a series of brief “Creativity Chat” videos that are so encouraging I always leave feeling uplifted and inspired. I encourage you to spend some time on her blog, as well as the rest of her website.

Sue Clancy’s Blog

Mr. Johnson Before Hair and Makeup

Speaks for Itself!

137 thoughts on “Who Is That Distinguished Dog?

  1. So much fun! I too follow Sue avidly, as you may have noticed. She is so creative, thought-provoking and encouraging. I’ve noticed your kind and interesting comments there. I love knowing this is your dog that she’s featured in her upcoming book, and such a handsome fellow! Cheers!!

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  2. How fun! I just visited her site and am much impressed. Her gentleness is captured in each of the dog paintings. Thanks for introducing me to her work, Liz. 😊

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  3. What a gorgeous and distinguished model! Sue obviously has a great eye. And now I really want her upcoming book; I need to check the release date. Thank you for sharing this loveliness, Liz. Accolades to Mr. Johnson. I hope you have a special treat planned for him!

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  4. What a beauty! Love, love, love!
    A cover dog, for sure! So this is the puppy that’s going to keep Cujo away? His hair and make-up is gonna get mussed!
    Thank you for this delight!
    Will visit Sue1

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