132 thoughts on “Who Is That Famous Dog?

      1. It looks like you love your dog. I know I love my 3 dogs. I wrote my first blog about them. It was called My silly pups. Thank you for sharing this. I love dogs. Your dog looks to be enjoying that book.

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  1. Beautiful dog. I’ve lived with big dogs my whole life. I’ll ask because I don’t knowβ€”what’s the story behind Mr. Johnson’s name?

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      1. One of ours is a rescue, the other we bought from a breeder.
        We didn’t know, until we bought Pebble (a beautiful little Papillon) that our little rescue, Beau, is also a Papillon. His ears aren’t the typical butterfly ears. He would have been considered not worthy because of that.
        He is the most gentle, loving little creature I’ve ever been privileged to care for.
        Such are pets…

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