NH Winter Scenes: December 2021

Christmas Eve Drive

Back Road Stream (Click to enlarge.)
Bittersweet! (Click to enlarge.)
Bittersweet!! (Click to enlarge.)
Arriving in The Lakes Region (Click to enlarge.)
The Lakes Region (Click to enlarge.)
Twilight Field (Click to enlarge.)
Fremont Bandstand (Click to enlarge.)
Fremont Light Display (Click to enlarge.)

The Day after Christmas

Nottingham Neighborhood Walk (Click to enlarge.)
Nottingham Neighborhood Walk (Click to enlarge.)
Icy Branches (Click to enlarge.)

From the Roberto Collection:
San Diego, California

Stormy Sky in December (Click to enlarge.)

175 thoughts on “NH Winter Scenes: December 2021

  1. I wish you and all around you a happy and blessed New Year, Liz! What a wonderful outlook. This Fremont Light Display is excellent too. Now its clear, you in the “New World” know how to celebrate the darkest winter with the brightest mood. 😉 Here we have a public Christmas tree, looking like on a pilgrimage to nowhere. xx Michael


  2. I like both of the Fremont shots and the icy branches. They’re beautiful. Is it your tradition to go for a drive on Christmas Eve? Autumn loves to see the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. The white Christmas is beautiful. You had more snow than we did in Portland. The San Diego shot is stunning. Yes, we had storms and heavy rainfall a few days. The sun came out yesterday. Happy New Year to you!

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    1. Thank you, Miriam. My husband gets the credit for the icy branches. Yes, it’s a family tradition to go for a drive on Christmas Eve. It started with my dad when I was a kid–and it’s continued ever since!

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  3. Fabulous collection on NH Winter Scenes, Liz. This is the second time around for me and I will probably come back again to view as they are perfect for meditation.

    “snowy wilderness
    cold winter sun, soaring trees
    a small lone figure
    for a time she stood fearless
    my protector, my mother”

    Liz Gauffreau, Grief Songs (my most favourite)

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    1. Thank you, Nick! It’s on my favorite secondary road in New Hampshire, farmland overlooking the mountains. Every time our travels take us on the eastern part of the state, I ask my husband to drive home that way.

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  4. Such gorgeous photos, Liz! I have many memories of those New England snow days from my childhood. Nowadays, I’m glad to stay indoors and admire the snow through the window.

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  5. Liz, thank you for bringing such winter beauty to the wet British afternoon. I love the photos and would love to stride out across the snowy plains! Oh, the blue of the field and lake ones are heavenly and so serene. The final photo is stunning and ethereal. A beautiful pause in my day.

    Btw. I’m soon going to be reading your ‘Grief Songs’ and hope to review this month.

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  6. Liz, you’ve reminded me (the word person) that sometimes pictures do speak louder than words. These are lovely and put me right in the scene.

    You’ve also given me an idea. My daughter lives in Portland, Oregon, and hikes and camps throughout the western US. She constantly sends me incredible landscape photos, which I download to folders on my computer. Now I know what I can do with some of them: share online, just as you have. Thank you for these and for the inspiration!

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  7. When I lived in Vermont, I’d collect bittersweet to decorate my home for Christmas, Liz. Your photos brought back some bittersweet memories, in both meanings of the word. I miss VT. And beautiful photos of the ice and snow and the lake. A lovely share.

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    1. Thank you, Diana. I’m glad the photos brought back memories for you. I really wanted to cut some of that bittersweet to take with me, but I was already getting tangled up in brambles just taking the photos.

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  8. These are lovely, lovely pictures! We got quite a bit of snow here in Western Washington, which was unusual–and it stuck–which was even more unusual. It finally melted off–but it was pretty while it lasted.

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