NH Winter Scenes: December 2021

Christmas Eve Drive

Back Road Stream (Click to enlarge.)
Bittersweet! (Click to enlarge.)
Bittersweet!! (Click to enlarge.)
Arriving in The Lakes Region (Click to enlarge.)
The Lakes Region (Click to enlarge.)
Twilight Field (Click to enlarge.)
Fremont Bandstand (Click to enlarge.)
Fremont Light Display (Click to enlarge.)

The Day after Christmas

Nottingham Neighborhood Walk (Click to enlarge.)
Nottingham Neighborhood Walk (Click to enlarge.)
Icy Branches (Click to enlarge.)

From the Roberto Collection:
San Diego, California

Stormy Sky in December (Click to enlarge.)

175 thoughts on “NH Winter Scenes: December 2021

  1. By now you have added a new layer to the December snow. The photos are all lovely; I especially like bittersweet, which adds a red pop to the monochromatic winter white. By the way, I’ve subscribed to your blog. . . finally! 😀

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  2. Practicalities and inconvenience aside, snow at Christmas, how idyllic, how chocolate box, how fortunate you are Liz! I’m happy to assume you made it ‘there’ and ‘back’ again without incident.

    I can’t recall with clarity the last time it snowed at Christmas in the U.K, though I’ve wished for it every year.

    Great photographs that left me happily invigorated by that crisp, fresh air!

    I imagine your road-trip inspired a poem or two.

    Stay safe, stay well, stay warm and dry.


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