Call and Response: “Not What” by Mary Jo Malo

As soon I read "Not What" by Mary Jo Malo, it reminded me so much of my dad, I knew I had to record it to commemorate his birthday on April 27. The photograph is my favorite of him in his vestments. It captures all the best of who he was. Call-and-Response As this is … Continue reading Call and Response: “Not What” by Mary Jo Malo

#poetryreading: Poets in the Blogosphere

The day to celebrate National Poetry Month with Poets in the Blogosphere has arrived! Click on image to register for the reading. The theme for National Poetry Month 2022 is There’s A Poem in This Place. Two places to find contemporary poetry at its most vibrant are in the blogging community and at live readings. … Continue reading #poetryreading: Poets in the Blogosphere

#Bookreview: The Attendant

My Review Tony Powers’ psychological thriller The Attendant opens by introducing two New York City residents who could not be more different from each other: wealthy, privileged financier Richard Alleroy and damaged Gulf War veteran Emanuel Graves. The initial set-up of the book was a bit labored for me, with more description than was needed … Continue reading #Bookreview: The Attendant