#poetryreading: Poets in the Blogosphere

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The theme for National Poetry Month 2022 is There’s A Poem in This Place. Two places to find contemporary poetry at its most vibrant are in the blogging community and at live readings. On 23 April 2022 from 4-5:30 PM ET, the two places come together when a select group of poets from the blogosphere present a live reading of their poetry at Poets in the Blogosphere. Most poetry is meant to be read aloud, and hearing poets read their own work is a heightened experience. The event is moderated by Elizabeth Gauffreau. #NationalPoetryMonth #blogpoetsread2022

Meet the Poets

108 thoughts on “#poetryreading: Poets in the Blogosphere

  1. Some I like, but as a rule, I don’t understand how to do all the different kinds of poems. It seems whenever I start thinking of one and I write it down, it turns out to be a jingle!!

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  2. Congratulations, Liz. I love your style; your book of grief poems were lovely “songs.” Enjoy the month. Even though T. S. Eliot says “April is the cruelest month,” you poets are proving it otherwise.

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  3. Liz, this is just wonderful! Hats off to you for organizing the event. You’re right that poetry is meant to be read aloud. I will be at the Eric Carle Museum that day to hear their annual lecture, which was originally scheduled for April, 2020. I look forward to the recording. Best to you.

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  4. A little late to this post… I want to wish you the best of luck, Liz! Looks like a fantastic set of talents and I’m sure the event is going to be fantastic.

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