97 thoughts on “#poetryreading Poets in the Blogosphere (Recording)

  1. I loved this presentation! Brilliant collection, great collaboration, and professional presentation. I loved the flow of voices that engaged me from beginning to end. Liz – you were an amazing host and I felt the tears come when you began with my most favourite poem. The range of emotions and diversity of poetry kept me fully engaged throughout the event. I will be coming back for a second review. Thank you to all the amazing poets – your voices inspired me. I hope that there were be other poetry events such as this.

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  2. I’m so glad you recorded the event, Liz. There was no way I could catch it when it took place, but was really hoping I’d be able to listen and watch later. I enjoyed hearing from the poets about their inspiration and the readings were wonderful. You did a great job as the host. Congrats on pulling off a lovely set of readings. ❀

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  3. A great way to celebrate National Poetry Month, Liz! Kudos and thanks to all. It was special to be able to listen to each of you read a sampling from your thoughtful and thought-provoking works. Well done!

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  4. Nice reading, Liz. Your hair is long! Did you let it grow during the pandemic? C0z your Gravatar has it short.
    Funny detail: we had the very same Don Quijote print in our house for years until Daughter #1 said: “It’s mine”.
    Take care.

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    1. Thank you, Brian. I’m glad you enjoyed the reading. I still have my pandemic hair. Every time I think it mignt be safe to venture out without a mask to get it cut, New Hampshire goes into another Covid surge.

      I gave that Don Quixote print to my father around the time I graduated from college because he always said that he and I were alike in tilting at windmills. The print hung in his office in three different houses. When he died, my mother gave it back to me.

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      1. My wife probably had 2 or three cuts only in two years. And she wears it short.
        I love that story and coincidence about the print. Next time I see it at my daughter’s house shall remember your “knight in shining armour”. πŸ˜‰

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              1. Problem with “windmills” is their very low yield. (One of my brothers is an electrical engineer, he did all his career at the french utility company in the nuclear branch. he says windmills are not a good alternative.)
                What we need is to incentive research for other sources of energy. Hydrogen would be one I think.

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  5. Started watching the video and looking forward to finishing it – great idea to get those poets together for an event like that

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