Another First: Ekphrastic Microfiction!

Young Boy Feeding Rabbits, John Bradley, 1831

I’m pleased to share that I wrote my first ekphrastic microfiction, “Yon Frederick,” which was published in the The Ekphrastic Review on May 6, 2022.

As soon as I saw the prompt painting come across my email, I immediately heard “Yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look” in my head. I looked up the relevant passage in Julius Caesar and took it from there!

I also created this video, just for fun.



134 thoughts on “Another First: Ekphrastic Microfiction!

  1. Wow, intense and ever so dark! Well done, Liz. You really captured the essence of the painting and created a memorable story. To top it off, your video is perfect! Bravo!

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      1. PS my dad gave me this book because I used to suck my thumb, and there is a story about the ‘Tailor’ who cuts of the thumbs of children who suck them. It was intended as a lesson for me. Sadly, I loved the book and didn’t give up sucking my thumb until I was 10.

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  2. A wonderful video Liz. Thank you for the introduction to John Bradley. I had to look up this painting but could find very little about this painting or John Bradley. He was rather a mystery. You have now immortalized Young Boy Feeding Rabbits for me.

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  3. Liz, as I mentioned before, this is so dark. I kind of didn’t expect it of you ;)! OTOH, thank you for this! And it’s so inspiring because now I want to try my hand at one of these.

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  4. Well, Liz, you and I have experienced a shared first. You’ve written an engaging first piece of ekphrastic microfiction—and thanks to you, I’ve just read an engaging first piece of ekphrastic microfiction!

    Lately I’ve been seeing mention of that genre, but I’d never before taken time to check into it. What a perfect introduction you’ve given me. (I kept wondering whether he was feeding the rabbits to fatten them for supper, no matter how “beloved.” I’d be nervous if that boy lived next door.)

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  5. Brilliant Liz, your opening had me hooked (and in agreement :-)), and if Hitchcock was a painter, this is what he would have painted ~ with your words taking it from there. Wonderful.

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