WordPress Gremlins Redux


Eurynome, from the 1863 edition of Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire infernal — Source

The WordPress gremlins are at it again. I’ve not been receiving email notifications of new posts for several of the blogs I subscribe to.  After spending over two hours to check all the sites I subscribe to, I submitted a help ticket. Here is the response I received.  I’m going to keep after WP to fix the problem.

Robert (Automattic)

Jun 15, 2022, 05:38 UTC

Hi there,

Thank you for letting us know!

This is indeed unexpected, however, for now, I have logged off from all the previous web sessions to avoid this being a problem.

For now, could you review the current notification settings for these sites and monitor them to see if they change in the future again, please?

Warm regards,

Robert – Happiness Engineer @ WordPress.com


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