Call and Response: “Storm” by Derek Ross

Prout’s Neck, Breaking Wave, Winslow Homer, 1887, Courtesy of Chicago Art Institute’s Public Domain Collection

The Best Laid Plans . . .

I had planned to post my own poetry this week, but as soon as I read Derek Ross’s poem “Storm,” I just had to read it aloud and record it. The poem affected me that much.


Derek Ross is a first-rate poet and photographer from Scotland. As this is a call-and-response post, in which a fellow blogger’s post has inspired my own, I encourage you to spend some time on Derek’s site: Photos-Poems-Haiku. There will be a bit of jiggery-pokery involved. (All in good fun, of course!)

Breaking Storm, Coast of Maine, Winslow Homer, 1894, Courtesy of Chicago Art Institute’s Public Domain Collection

118 thoughts on “Call and Response: “Storm” by Derek Ross

  1. I enjoyed your reading of this poem. Beautifully done! Love the why the birds are not intimidated by the storm! That space between storms is what we all wait for in our lives! I love Winslow Homer’s paintings.

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  2. Quite evocative and quite Scottish (two things I enjoy!). I was on the Oregon coast last week, where the wildness always makes me think of Scotland. And this poem made me think of both. Thanks, Liz.

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      1. Oh, I need to take a closer look at his photography. I love black-and-white photos of place, and I can see why you’d like the churches! Thanks again, Liz.

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    1. Thanks, Audrey! I recorded my reading in my recording studio (boom mic and pop filter in the master bedroom closet) using GarageBand on an old MacBook Pro. I edited the file in Camtasia on a PC. The sound effects are from

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  3. I saw your post on my phone but couldn’t respond to it. The painting is intensely beautiful. The poem has such great contrast between the storm and birds chirping. We watched a nature documentary about birds. They have a task to fulfill no matter how violent the waves might be. Your reading of the poem with the sound effect is wonderful, Liz. Thank you for the treat.

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      1. I love your reading voice, Liz. Would you do me a huge favor? When you post the review for my poetry book, would you record Rowing the Boat and post it along with the review! I would love it.

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  4. I think we sometimes come across posts just as we need them. This one certainly strikes a chord. Wonderful reading and thanks for sharing. Love the artwork

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