Publication in DASH Literary Journal

A Popped-into-My-Head Poem

I am pleased to share that my poem “To Live by the Sea” appears in Volume 15 of DASH Literary Journal. I had the pleasure of reading the poem over Zoom on launch day to the students in the class that produced the journal.

I’m not sure what kind of poem it is. Sort of Imagist but not really? The first line popped into my head one day, and I built a poem around it.

157 thoughts on “Publication in DASH Literary Journal

      1. I had a lot of problems sending my comment. WordPress was playing up this morning! I hope I didn’t end up sending it three times. I’m trying to like and comment on some of your other posts but there’s a glitch somewhere! M

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  1. This is a great poem, Liz. The sea teaches us many things with it’s constant ebb and flow.
    May I use your opening line for our d’Verse prompt today in which we choose an opening line from a friend’s poem to write a poem about friendship. I would use: “One must live by the sea to understand…”

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