Launch Day for Distant Flickers!

Launch day for Distant Flickers has arrived! I’ve shared the two videos below to represent the two short stories of mine that are included in the anthology. (“Let the Rest of the World Go by” was originally recorded in 1919, which is within the timeframe of my story, but the sound quality of the contemporaneous recordings I found was so poor, they were painful to listen to.)

“Norfolk, Virginia, 1975:
East Ocean View”

“Diary Omissions:
The House on Edgewood Road”

156 thoughts on “Launch Day for Distant Flickers!

  1. Although I don’t often comment much these days, I just had to congratulate you once again, Liz. You know that I value your poetry and stories for the special niche they occupy. I wish you great success in all your endeavors! 🙂

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      1. I adore abstract ways of expressing something. You did exactly that here. You are an artist beyond writing.
        I’ve got quite a pile of reading to get through. However, I may come back at a later date to read, and do a review.
        Promotions never end!

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  2. This is wonderful, Liz! Congratulations! Your first song hits home for me, because I was ‘next door’ in Virginia Beach the following year, ’76. Hubby’s squadron still has a reunion every three years. Band of brothers.

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