Poetry Reading: “November Beckons” by Nick Reeves

When I first read “November Beckons” on Nick Reeves’s blog, I immediately knew I wanted to make a recording of it–so I bookmarked it with a note for a future blog post.

Then this past Saturday, my husband and I took a drive through the White Mountains in New Hampshire and the Connecticut River Valley in Vermont. The fading foliage was so unexpectedly beautiful, I decided that the time for “November Beckons” is now.

Music Credit: Migfus20, freesound.org

147 thoughts on “Poetry Reading: “November Beckons” by Nick Reeves

  1. This was such a wonderful post, Liz. A fall drive through the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and in Vermont, is beauty at its best. There is something that swells the heart after this visual wonder. No wonder poets write about their moments. Acorns are the transition into November. I enjoyed the poem, and listening to your recording. Thank you!

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  2. It took me a while to get to this (I had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and I’m way behind on everything), but I’m so glad it was here, waiting to soothe my soul and my recovering body. I needed this sense of transcendence, calm, and peace. Beautiful, Liz (and Nick). A belated thank you.

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