Poetry Reading: “November Beckons” by Nick Reeves

When I first read “November Beckons” on Nick Reeves’s blog, I immediately knew I wanted to make a recording of it–so I bookmarked it with a note for a future blog post.

Then this past Saturday, my husband and I took a drive through the White Mountains in New Hampshire and the Connecticut River Valley in Vermont. The fading foliage was so unexpectedly beautiful, I decided that the time for “November Beckons” is now.

Music Credit: Migfus20, freesound.org

147 thoughts on “Poetry Reading: “November Beckons” by Nick Reeves

  1. What I remember from early reading: The Old Man in the Mountain image in New Hampshire, a landmark I think collapsed some time ago. Your reading of the poetic images for November is spot on. November and time change beckons. Thank you for the reading, Liz.

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    1. Yes, the Old Man of the Mountain fell off in 2003. Nature reclaimed him, which, in the end, is how it should be, although I do miss him every time we drive through Franconia Notch.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my reading of Nick’s poem and the accompanying images. I felt the need to share something good with others.

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  2. Lovely reading, poem, and photos, Liz. “The ink faded and reminiscent of early morning light…” is a great line. Nothing beats the special colors of dusk and twilight. I especially appreciate how he likens the acorns collected in a jar with memory and friends. Autumn is definitely a time for recollection. There’s lots in this little poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. A wonderful job, Liz. We don’t really have a change of seasons (except in the department stores), so pictures like this help to bring my childhood memories of a beckoning November.
    Thank you!

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