208 thoughts on “No More Instagram for Me

  1. I understand your frustration. I’ve not only been “impersonated” on Instagram (and FB) but also all the creepy types who try to follow. But my teen granddaughter is on Instagram, as well as some close friends and other writers, so I’m sticking with it. For now.

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  2. Your Instagram account has been hacked or… duplicated?
    Can’t believe it… Well I do… I got a mail the other day form my oldest brother. Looked a bit weird but then he is… weird too. LOL. Then another mail that he had cancer… and needed money… He’d been hacked…

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    1. My Instagram account had been duplicated. It had happened once before and Instagram removed the fake accounts after a lot of back-and-forth about why they couldn’t. This time, a got a bot message that said they had so many complaints that they couldn’t research my case, but the bot had determined that the fake accounts were no problem. I’m outa there!

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      1. Good decision. I had some trouble with WP, bot comments sent by a couple of long-dormant accounts I used to follow but have not posted in a while. I was getting swamped with junk comments. It took WP weeks if not months to “sort of” fix it. It is a bit of a general client service problem nowadays. All goes through “chat” or mail, wasting one’s time…
        Good riddance.

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  3. PS
    regarding the mini interview on Priorhouse blog – I am seting it up not for the final week of this month – does that work for you?
    I was thiking around the 25th?
    And thanks for your patience

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      1. thanks – and let’s “pencil” it in with a little leeway – but so excited to finally be posting it – and thanks for your patience (even though in my experience – most authors have patience )

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