Prize-Winning Story: “Henrietta’s Saving Grace”

Click Here to Read the Story in Coneflower Cafe (PDF, p. 3)

Am I Excited? Yes, I’m Excited!

I am thrilled to share that my short story “Henrietta’s Saving Grace” has won the 2022 Ben Nyberg contest sponsored by Choeofpleirn Press. The story was inspired one of my great-great aunts from Nova Scotia, who went by the nickname “Jen.”

I’d known early on from my mother that Aunt Jen had been a practical nurse and a closet drinker. In the final years of my mother’s life, she shared a few more choice tidbits about Aunt Jen’s life that were too good not to build a story around.

With apologies and all due respect to the late Aunt Jen, Henrietta was born, bringing her saving grace along with her.

The Inevitable Rejections

I sent the story out four times before it was accepted for publication by Coneflower Cafe, and the editor recommended that I also submit it to the Ben Nyberg Contest. The first rejection, from Carve Magazine, was an almost. (Click on the Submittable image to enlarge.)

Needless to say, I cut 500 words from the word count before I sent it back out. 

A Question of Genre

The story comes in at 9,100 words, which, according to current word-length definitions, makes it a novelette. To me, it’s still a long short story, albeit very long.

More Inspiration

The Respectable Lexington, Massachusetts House of Henrietta’s Nephew
Economy Point, Nova Scotia, 2017
The House in Economy Point Where Henrietta & Her Nephew Grew Up
The Economy Church Featured in the Story
The Road down which the Young Henrietta Wanders in Search of the Moon
The Barn Where Henrietta Hides from a Forced Rest Cure
The Respectable Lexington, Massachusetts House of Henrietta’s Nephew up for Sale and out of the Family, 2013 (Photo Credit: Century 21 Real Estate)


248 thoughts on “Prize-Winning Story: “Henrietta’s Saving Grace”

      1. Thank you very much! Yes, the comments were helpful. They confirmed that I needed to do a little bit of trimming. As rejection comments go, these were quite lengthly. The shortest one I’ve received said, “Thanks for sending. We pass.”


    1. Thank you very much, Darlene! I have in mind publishing the story in a collection with other stories that feature #27 (as my mother and her sister called the house). You are so right about old relatives as grist for the fiction mill–or should I say “artistic inspiration”? 🙂

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  1. Congratulations on the publication of your story! Having just finished reading it, I found it very intriguing and well written. The images and setting came through very well. I love the photos you added in your post. The transitions in the story flowed very well! The double marriage was a great twist that caught me off guard! A great story, Liz!

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  2. I just finished “Henrietta’s Saving Grace.” What a powerful story, Liz. I loved how you captured Henrietta’s character through her actions and her physical ailments. Within the first few pages, I had a sense of her that carried through to the end. And as for the end, wonderful twist. Bravo!

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          1. Yes.
            Or not acting like a “proper” woman.Women who were sent to institutions for the “feeble minded” and sterilized because they had children when they weren’t married. Or too “masculine” or . . .

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  3. LIZ!!! Congratulations on your well-deserved win. Your story kept me reading, I was almost sad when it ended. You mastered the art of what I call ‘the indirect method’ in telling a story, which is a holy grail for writers. Few do well. Your character development was outstanding, and your transitions in time were smooth. A+ from this teacher! I’m very excited for you.

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  4. I’m so happy for you and proud of you, Liz! Huge congratulations!!!! What did Carve Magazine know when they turned it down (with some nice comments)?! But you are a quick study and that’s why you cut down the story. OK, I’ve printed it and will read it at night, the very first night I don’t fall asleep the minute I hit the couch (hopefully tonight!). I can’t wait!

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  5. I’m so delighted for your win, you’d think I’d written the entry myself! Congratulations, Liz! It’s gone midnight here and so I’ll read about Henrietta in the morning. Looking forward to it. 🙂

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  6. Congratulations, Liz! I’m happy that your story was so well-received. Thank you for sharing your letter. How refreshing to get constructive feedback rather than a form letter.

    I will make a point of reading it in the next few days.

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  7. You have every right to be excited, Liz. This was, of course, long for a blog, but well worth persevering with. You have captured Henrietta’s sad life so well. I enjoyed the touches of good nature buried in her defensive exterior, and regretted her disappointments – especially the death of William. Congratulations.

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