#Poetry Publication: “Everlasting”

A Long Time Coming

I am delighted to share that my poem “Everlasting” has been published in the Smoky Quartz Tenth Anniversary Anthology (2022) sponsored by the Monadnock Writers’ Group. I’m particularly pleased that the poem was chosen by a New Hampshire-based publication because the poem combines my two favorite themes, family and place, particularly New England.

Ronald & Velma
Cape Elizabeth Cottage

The Inspiration

“Everlasting” is one of several poems I’ve written that were inspired by a particular event which I included in early drafts. However, by the time the revision process played itself out, the inspiration had disappeared from the poem.

The impetus for the poem was a visit to my grandparents’ Cape Elizabeth, Maine cottage with my mother and my daughter in the 1981/82 time frame. By that time, my grandmother Velma had died and my grandfather had married one of Velma’s close friends, Ethel.

Ethel spoke so fondly of Velma as she showed Sonia and me Velma’s unfinished pressed wildflower book. She told us that she was in the process of finishing the book for her. I was so touched by that, I wrote a rough draft of a poem as soon as I got home. Here it is: “Everlasting” Rough Draft (Not a Pretty Sight)

“Everlasting” 40 Years Later




173 thoughts on “#Poetry Publication: “Everlasting”

  1. What a beautiful post, Liz — so much warmth. I loved the old photos, and your recording.
    I remember you mentioning your grandmother’s name was Velma when I introduced my two Scooby Doo inspired kittens. Maybe your grandmother had a hand in making sure those names reached me. πŸ™‚ Hugs.

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  2. What a beautiful evolution over time, Liz. Congrats on your touching poem having found its proper home! And I’m excited that you kept the long-ago rough draft; it will make a wonderful addition to the collection of your authorial papers eventually kept in a library or museum.

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    1. Thank you very much, Ranee! I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem. I don’t know about my archival papers being kep in a library or museum, but I did attend an Author’s Guild webinar a few weeks ago about setting up my literary estate.

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      1. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about that particular webinar, Liz. It seems to have given many authors food for thought. I’m glad you were there!

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  3. A beautifully-composed and moving poem, Liz. Congratulations on your well-deserved publication! The lighthouse in the photo reminds me very much of St Mary’s, Whitley Bay (St Mary’s II)

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  4. I love this post in so many ways…reading about the heart-warming inspiration for the poem, seeing the vintage photos, being amazed that you kept your early draft, and hearing you read your published poetry. All so wonderful, Liz! Congratulations!

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  5. How wonderful that you have a photo of your grandparents. It’s interesting to know the inspiration behind your poem. Love the artsy cover on the anthology, too!

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  6. The backstory to this poem is just as beautiful as the poem ~ just reading the line of Ethel showing you Velma’s unfinished pressed wildflower book gave me tingles – a precious moment. And I must tell you how much I enjoyed seeing/reading your first draft of the poem… a view of art in process.

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