“Picking Peaches,” Adelaide Voices Anthology 2018, Adelaide Press, 2018.

“A Modern Woman Visits Her Husband’s Wife,” Shifts: An Anthology of Women’s Growth Through Change, MuseWrite Press, 2014.

“Leaving Rolf,” When Last on the Mountain: The View from Writers over 50, HolyCow! Press, 2010.

“Some Are Called,” AD HOC MONADNOCK: A Literary Anthology, Monadnock Writers’ Group, 1995.

“Candia, New Hampshire, 1926,” Post Script: An anthology of Postcard Poetry, Peterborough Poetry Project, June 2021.

“Family Reunion: Newbury, Vermont,” Poetry Leaves Anthology: 2020 Adult Contemporary, Waterford Public Library.

“New Hampshire Comfort,” On and Off the Road: Poems of New Hampshire, Peterborough Poetry Project, 2019.

“Oak Bluffs: 1963,” BLISS: A Poetry Anthology, Muse Press, 2013.

“My Father’s Side of the Family,” Familiar, The People’s Press, Baltimore, Maryland, 2005.

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