#BookReview: Searching for Eden

My Review The second edition of Keith Madsen’s novel Searching for Eden is the story of a grieving father’s quest to fulfill his fourteen-year-old daughter’s dying vision of the Garden of Eden as affirmation that life on this earth is in fact good. Joining him on this quest are Carmen Ortega, a fourteen-year-old prostitute, and … Continue reading #BookReview: Searching for Eden

“A Formal Feeling Comes”: It All Depends on the Editor

Publication in Remington Review I am pleased to share that my short story, "A Formal Feeling Comes," has been published in the Fall 2021 issue of Remington Review. This is the first time a story of mine that was previously published has been published a second time. A big shout-out to Remington Review for their … Continue reading “A Formal Feeling Comes”: It All Depends on the Editor

#BookReview: Small Town Kid

My Review Frank Prem’s memoir in verse, Small Town Kid, opens with a poem titled “I can hardly wait to show you.” This poem is a direct invitation to the reader to “take my hand in the main street / of this town hewn from honey granite / I will tell you what once stood … Continue reading #BookReview: Small Town Kid

Who Is That Distinguished Dog?

Why, Mr. Johnson, of course! I am very excited to share that my Siberian Husky, Robert Johnson, will be appearing in artist Sue Clancy's upcoming book Professional Dogs. Sue is one of my very favorite bloggers.  I love her artwork, her creative process, and her generosity of spirit, which comes through in everything she does. … Continue reading Who Is That Distinguished Dog?