WordPress Gremlins

I've just discovered that I haven't been getting notifications of new posts from several of the blogs I regularly follow.  I've contacted the WP "Happiness" Engineers to get the problem straightened out, so that I can get back to reading and enjoying!

“GI Jive,” “Mairzy Doats” & #Tanka, too!

I recently had a conversation with a fellow writer about the conventional wisdom of needing to have a blog following to "build author platform." (I will always put that phrase in quotation marks. When I'm speaking, I use air quotes.) I advised him that it takes a big time commitment to read and comment on … Continue reading “GI Jive,” “Mairzy Doats” & #Tanka, too!

A Christmas Eve Poem: Children Singing in Latin

The Inspiration I wrote this poem several years ago after attending Christmas Eve services with my brother and his family. (I'd been away from the Church for a while.) The purity of the children's voices singing in Latin behind me left me so awestruck I was afraid to turn around. *from St. Luke's Facebook Timeline, … Continue reading A Christmas Eve Poem: Children Singing in Latin