#Book Review: Queenie’s Place

My Review of Queenie's Place I was immediately drawn into Toni Morgan’s novel, Queenie’s Place, by its story line of a Marine Corps officer’s wife who is a fighter for causes during the early 1970s. When the book opens, we are introduced to Doreen through the eyes of her son Billy as he waits for … Continue reading #Book Review: Queenie’s Place

Spotlight Haiku – ‘Pentre Ifan’ – A collaborative poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Another poetic collaboration with Goff James! I hope you enjoy it.

Art, Photography and Poetry

Pentre Ifan a poem by Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Poem Attribution © Liz Gauffreau and Goff James

Image Attribution © Goff James, 2020

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