Heartbreaking Portrayal of Innocence Lost and the Love of Family

Telling Sonny is a coming of age novel set in the 1920s, when much of vaudeville had devolved into the Small Time.

Not so for Faby Gauthier, a naïve girl from the small village of Enosburg Falls, Vermont. For Faby, the  annual vaudeville show that comes to the village is worthy of  the Great White Way itself. 

When she succumbs to the undeniable charms of Slim White, America’s self-proclaimed Favorite Hoofer, Faby sets a course for her life she neither expected nor wanted.

“I missed Faby when the story ended as if I were saying goodbye to a new friend. I look forward to Elizabeth Gauffreau’s next book.” ~Reader Review

“A fascinating and clearly well-researched read, replete with beautiful prose and keen observation, I can’t recommend this novel highly enough.” ~Reader Review


Telling Sonny Author Promo – HD from Elizabeth Gauffreau on Vimeo.


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  1. I just watched your video about “Telling Sonny”. Very nice! You’ve inspired me – to not only read the book but also create my own video for one or two of my books. I think it adds a lot to the entire presentation of your book!

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