Poetry Reading: “November Beckons” by Nick Reeves

When I first read "November Beckons" on Nick Reeves's blog, I immediately knew I wanted to make a recording of it--so I bookmarked it with a note for a future blog post. Then this past Saturday, my husband and I took a drive through the White Mountains in New Hampshire and the Connecticut River Valley … Continue reading Poetry Reading: “November Beckons” by Nick Reeves

Another #Poetry First: #Tanka

I have been blogging for three years, and one unexpected result from following other bloggers has been the inspiration (and the courage!) to try new forms of creative expression. Here is what I have so far: A Video First: "Cape Elizabeth: 1962" (Video Poetry) A Fiction First: "Beware the Ides of September" (Ghost Story) Finding … Continue reading Another #Poetry First: #Tanka