Call and Response: “Storm” by Derek Ross

The Best Laid Plans . . . I had planned to post my own poetry this week, but as soon as I read Derek Ross's poem "Storm," I just had to read it aloud and record it. The poem affected me that much. Call-and-Response Derek Ross is a first-rate poet and photographer from Scotland. As … Continue reading Call and Response: “Storm” by Derek Ross

Another Poetry First: “Remembering Etaples”

My first ekphrastic poem, "Remembering Etaples," appears in the December 21st edition of  The Ekphrastic Review: (The easiest way to get to my poem is to type "gauffreau" in the search box.) What is an ekphrastic poem, you say? According to the Poetry Foundation: An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene … Continue reading Another Poetry First: “Remembering Etaples”