Found at Freethinker’s: intermodulations

I was first introduced to Steve Carter's poetry at a reading and open mic sponsored by A Freethinker's Corner, a new independent bookstore in Dover, New Hampshire. (Support your local independent bookstore!) He prefaced the reading of each poem by informing us of precisely how many times it had been rejected before finding its way … Continue reading Found at Freethinker’s: intermodulations

A Video First: “Cape Elizabeth: 1962”

I recently joined an online forum for writers and visual artists sponsored by The Woven Tale Press. One of the members shared a short video she'd made to promote one of her short stories. Her video turned out well, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I wrote "Cape Elizabeth: 1962" years ago, but … Continue reading A Video First: “Cape Elizabeth: 1962”

Publication in Aji Magazine!

I am very pleased to report that my short story, "Cathy and Jimmy and Clarence Makes Three," has been published in the November 2018 issue of Aji Magazine. I wrote the story in graduate school in 1985, so it made the rounds of editors' desks for a very, very long time. When I read the … Continue reading Publication in Aji Magazine!

Failed Novel, Anyone?

When I went to college to learn the craft of fiction, the prevailing attitude was that the short story was a stepping stone to the novel. The short story was where the young writer could serve out her clumsy apprenticeship in the sandbox making mud pies until sufficiently skilled to create the multi-tiered cake of … Continue reading Failed Novel, Anyone?